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Vista Coat Wall Wraps
Vista Coat is a range of high-quality self-adhesive vinyl products which are produced with high-resolution stunning visuals. Available as a Wall Wrap or Floor Wrap this product will stand the test of time and offer you a vibrant surface for years to come.

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Cinema Skin Projections
Cinema Skin projects videos and animations onto surfaces such as walls and equipment, adding a whole new level to the patient’s experience. No other product gives you this level of flexibility by change between multiple themes in seconds.

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Virtual View Skylights and Virtual Windows
Bring some light and colour to your office, workplace, storefront or home. With Virtual Skylights and Windows your patients can experience the view of a beautiful sunrise or a star-filled night in any room at any time of the day.

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Scanner Skin MRI and CT Wrap
Convert your clinical, stark looking medical equipment into works of art. Scanner Skin is a conformable selfadhesive vinyl that is coated to ensure longevity and a cleanable surface. Brighten your procedure rooms with Scanner Skin.

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Room Mood Lighting
Mood Lighting is a simple and effective way to change the entire feeling of a room. With LED strip lighting and down lighting you can set a room to any colour of the rainbow and even fade between themes with a simple click.

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Virtual Practice Custom Application
Show off your practice anywhere with Virtual Practice. This product sets you apart from competition, allowing you to display your practice in 360 degree panoramic views. It can even be loaded on to your corporate website for promotional purposes.

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About Us

Turnkey Implementation
Virtual Environments will be with you every step of the way. We'll do everything from the planning to the implementation.
Custom Solutions
Virtual Environments can custom develop just about anything you can dream of. The only limitation is your imagination.
In-house Creative Team
Our skilled in-house photographers and artists will work with you to find, take or create the perfect photos and artwork for your needs!
Leading-Edge Technology
We are at the forefront of technology. Our services are unique and constantly being enhanced to stay ahead of the curve.

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